Monday 17 September 2007

Youth participate in the production of Pengle Entertainment's newest movie!

Pengle Entertainment hired youth trained by voices and Abila Creative Center to work on its latest production PENGLE 5, the fifth episode in the popular Luo language comedy series.

Open auditions were held at Abila Creative Center to find fresh new comedic talent for the production.

Abila Youth Club member Agwata was chosen to co-star in PENGLE 5.

At Abila Creative Center children look on as PENGLE 5 director and star Geoffrey Omondi preps the cast for the first day of shooting.

Cameraman and Abila staff member Victor Ombonya films a scene providing social commentary on the traditional Luo practice of wife inheritance.

Upper Hill Youth Group member Nick, trained by Abila Creative Center in video, works the camera as cast member and Abila staff member Allan Juma and community members watch Geoffrey Omondi's performance in a storyline about married life.

The director oversees as the crew sets up for a shot in the storyline about language barriers and communication.

Cast members take a break between takes while filming at Abila Creative Center.

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  1. Bravo Sara! You never cease to amaze me. Great job connecting people and their talents. Can't to wait to see the film.

  2. Who do I need to contact to get copies of Pengle??